Actor Mihai Fotino dies on Monday at 83

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Actor Mihai Fotino died on Monday, aged 83, at the Elias Hospital in Bucharest after a long illness, medical manager of the above-mentioned hospital Dana Safta told Agerpres.

Actor Mihai Fotino, son of actor Misu Fotino, was born on September 14, 1930 in Bucharest.

He made his theatrical debut when he was seven years old, in the comedy titled 'Colonial Goods,' in which he acted together with his father. In 1956 he was employed by the I L Caragiale National Theatre in Bucharest after seven years spent at the Sica Alexandrescu Theatre in Brasov (central Romania). His debut at the Bucharest National Theatre was in Sergey Mikhalkov's 'Savages,' which was directed by Radu Beligan.

He had a rich activity as an actor and played especially comedy roles: Carlo Goldoni's 'The Boors,' directed by Victor Moldovan (1988), Ion Baiesu's 'The Author Is in the Theatre Room,' directed by Mihai Berechet (1989), I L Caragiale's 'Master Leonida Facing the Reaction (1962), Moliere's 'The Imaginary Invalid,' directed by Sica Alexandrescu (1962), Aurel Baranga's 'Adam and Eve,' directed by Sica Alexandrescu (1963), Moliere's 'The Miser,' directed by Alexandru Finti (1963), N V Gogol's 'Marriage,' directed by Sanda Manu (1976), Ronald Harwood's 'The Dresser,' directed by Ion Cojar (1991), etc.

Mention should be made of the following films in which he played parts: 'Our Manager' (1955), 'Telegrams' (1959), 'Porto Franco' (1961), 'Politics and Delicacies' (1963), 'Titanic Waltz' (1964), 'The Ball on Saturday Evening' (1967), 'Totally Unprepared' (1976), 'Chirita in Iasi' (1987), 'Sexy Harem Ada-Kaleh' (2001).

In 2004 Mihai Fotino made a remarkable voice dubbing, a record of Disney dubbing (on his 76th birthday anniversary and the 68th anniversary of his activity) in the film titled 'Piglet's Big Movie' as Rabbit, in the original it was Ken Sansom's voice.

In 2002 Mihai Fotino became an honorary associate of the National Theatre in Bucharest (TNB). This title was conferred on him during the festivities occasioned by the 150th anniversary of TNB.

On February 7, 2004, President Ion Iliescu awarded actor Mihai Fotino the Cultural Merit Order, Commodore rank, Category D, Performing Arts, 'as appreciation of the entire activity and for the devotion and performing talent at the service of the theatrical and performing art.'

On April 3, 2006, during the 14th Gala of the UNITER Awards, the actor was offered the life achievement award. AGERPRES

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