(Correspondence) WUKF President Liviu Crisan hails very good organisation of Szczecin World Championships

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AGERPRES special correspondent Aristotel Bunescu reports: Liviu Crisan, the president of the Romanian WKC Karate Federation and of WUKF told AGERPRES on Saturday that the organisation of the WUKF World Championships for children, cadets and juniors in Szczecin, Poland is a very good one.

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'The general organisation, the guidelines are, of course, set by the local federation, but we are very much dependent on the support from the local level. We have general rules that the organising federation must observe, but we are somewhat in the hands of the organisers. Here I've had a very pleasant surprise, as early as from the first meeting, which took place two years ago. All the local authorities, Szczecin City Hall, a few institutes that grant financial support to this event have been extremely open and willing to attract a World Championship to the city', Crisan said.

'We were very glad, since the chairman of the federation in Poland, Mr Pawel Bombolewski, in particular, is a very good organiser. He is very coordinated, very painstaking, he has done more than we've asked him. Actually, after everything I've seen here, after two days of competitions and another two days with the coaches we are very satisfied. As for the rest, you have seen the importance given the championship, Mr Lech Walesa, a former president of Poland, attended the opening. He is a figure many did not expect to attend', he underscored.

The WUKF chief also highlighted some inherent problems: 'We had, on Friday, a few problems relating the parents' insistence, as they wanted to be as close as possible to the competing child, no more than five centimetres away if possible. On Saturday, however, we changed the entire strategy and the competition area is free and airy. We will, in the period ahead, try to take care of all details, particularly because the children's competition is very crowded. But let us not forget that the ambition and wish to be in the middle of the events is somewhat understandable'.

Crisan, also 1st Vice President of United World Karate spoke of the interest the people are showing in the new world body: 'Besides the competitions-proper, we had scheduled a congress of our own, WUKF. It takes place at each championship that we organise. We've now had a world congress relating the interest showed in the new organisation United World Karate, where the WUKF is an integral part as well as a founding member. We've invited Mr Richard Jorgensen, who is the UWK president and who was assailed with many questions and then made a presentation in this respect. Thinks are now very clear and all are enthusiastic'.

'We also had a closer meeting, with the UWK leadership. /.../ Everything went on well here too, particularly since we sought to clarify a few things to follow. Firstly, the national organisation of the UWK representatives. We found a very good solution, we will issue a release in two or three week to everybody and will set up these international federations, as they are called for by SportAccord and the International Olympic Committee', the WUKF president announced.

Romania is participating more than 100 athletes at the WUKF World Championships for children, cadets and juniors in Szczecin to end on Sunday. National News Agency AGERPRES is covering the event by a reporter on site and is broadcasting the competition LIVE STREAMING over Oct. 16-19 on http://www.agerpres.ro./static/live.AGERPRES

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