Ministers of Mihai Tudose Cabinet take oath of office

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The ministers of the Mihai Tudose Government on Thursday evening took the oath of office at the Cotroceni presidential Palace, in the presence of President Klaus Iohannis and of the two Chairs of the chambers of the Parliament, Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

President Klaus Iohannis signed on Thursday the decree on the appointment in office of the Government of Romania, the Presidential Administration announced.

The new Cabinet is as follows:

* Mihai Tudose — Prime Minister;
* Sevil Shhaideh — Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds;
* Gratiela Leocadia Gavrilescu — Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Environment;
* Ion-Marcel Ciolacu — Deputy Prime Minister;
* Carmen Daniela Dan — Minister of Internal Affairs;
* Teodor Viorel Melescanu — Minister of Foreign Affairs;
* Adrian Tutuianu — Minister of National Defence;
* Ionut Misa — Minister of Public Finance;
* Tudorel Toader — Minister of Justice;
* Petre Daea — Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development;
* Liviu-Marian Pop — Minister of National Education;
* Lia-Olguta Vasilescu — Minister of Labor and Social Justice;
* Mihai-Viorel Fifor — Minister of Economy;
* Toma-Florin Petcu — Minister of Energy;
* Alexandru-Razvan Cuc — Minister of Transport;
* Ilan Laufer — Minister for Business Milieu, Commerce and Entrepreneurship;
* Florian-Dorel Bodog — Minister of Health;
* Lucian Romascanu — Minister of Public Consultation and Social Dialogue;
* Adriana-Doina Pana — Minister of Waters and Forestry;
* Lucian Puiu Georgescu — Minister of Research and Innovation;
* Lucian Sova — Minister of Communications and Information Society;
* Marius-Alexandru Dunca — Minister of Youth and Sports;
* Mircea-Titus Dobre — Minister of Tourism;
* Andreea Pastirnac — Minister for Romanians Abroad;
* Gabriel Petrea — Minister of Public Consultation and Social Dialogue;
* Viorel Ilie — Minister for Parliament liaison;
* Rovana Plumb — Minister Delegate for European Funds;
* Victor Negrescu — Minister-delegate for European Affairs.

The Mihai Tudose government was vested on Thursday by Parliament.AGERPRES(RO — author: Cristina Tatu, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN — author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Maria Voican; online editor: Maria Voican)

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